I truly feel that there aren’t enough blogs and podcasts specifically talking about science fiction comic books these days. Sure, you have your superhero sites, your blogs and podcasts devoted to indie comics and Britain’s scifi publications, and I do enjoy sampling them. Comics is a medium rife with genre, much like any other entertainment medium, so of course science fiction is one of the driving forces behind most of the stories and art. In fact, it’s become damn near ubiquitous. And unless it’s pure fantasy or going for full-on realism, almost every comic book story out there has some element of science fiction or at least ‘weird science’ in it. Yet, in spite of all this, I still have a hard time tracking down sites devoted purely to science fiction comics.

Well, that is about to change.

Starting in December 2020 the Strontium Pod blog and podcast will feature some of the best science fiction comic books out there. Everything from the old EC Comics’ Weird Science stories to modern day Image Comics’ heavyweight titles will fall under our umbrella. Even though we’ll be leaning heavily towards 2000AD and their character Johnny Alpha, aka Strontium Dog (who inspired the creation of the blog), each episode and article will endeavor to cater to everyone’s scifi tastes. Here are just a few of the comics that I’ll be looking at in 2021:

And then there’s the podcast. I’ve been wanting to do one devoted to science fiction for a while now, but all my recent attempts have crashed and burned. I finally decided on a format that would be acceptable to me as a podcast provider, editor, and comic reader – that is to say, something that I can keep coming back to without getting bored.

And the result was Strontium Pod: A Science Fiction Comic Book Podcast.

Taking my favorite SF character and using him as a kind of central hub around which all science fiction comic book tales can revolve, I managed to simultaneously quench my desire to talk Strontium Dog with my other need to discuss science fiction comics in a larger context. Hopefully the two will coalesce and produce something fans of Johhny Alpha, 2000AD, and comic books from other publishers will latch onto. Well, I can only hope at this point. We’ll have to wait and see.

I’ll also feature the odd review of a movie or TV series I particularly like on the blog and the podcast, just to shake things up a little now and then. In this way I’ll be able to keep the content coming without feeling like it’s becoming too much of an effort. I’m a fickle person when it comes to the science fiction that I’m into at any given time, and I need to follow my whims or risk being untrue to myself. But that’s why I chose Strontium Dog and 2000AD as the lynchpins. I NEVER seem to tire of them.

So… comics, movies, TV shows, SF novels… what more could I ask for? These things are what I love, and these things are what you’ll get. That is IF you decide to join me on a mission to boldly go into the badlands of blogdom, possibly where no blog or podcast has ever gone before (probably because of all the Strontium-90 fallout).

Thanks for taking the time to visit the Strontium Pod blog.

See you in the Doghouse, muties.