Podcast Supplemental – Episode 0: Welcome to the Doghouse

The inaugural episode of Strontium Pod is finally up. For those of you who listened, subscribed, and sent feedback, THANK YOU. I promise I will expend every effort to make this show as entertaining as possible. Comments, even harsh criticism laced with a tinge of vitriol, is always much appreciated 😉

For those of you who haven’t listened in yet, the show can be found at the following links on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Podbean, and a host of other podcatchers. I’m still waiting on Google Play and Youtube, but the SP podcast should be on there in the near future as well.

During Episode 0 I gave a rundown of my Science Fiction origin story, and I would again encourage all you muties to send in yours as well, so that I can feature them on the show. Starting a new podcast is all about building a community of listeners, and the best way to do that is to share what we love, and how we got on that path of scifi fandom. Who knows? You might even meet some new friends along the way, maybe even a time-traveling Viking or two.

Please send your responses to strontiumpod@gmail.com or DM them to me on Twitter @StrontiumPod. I’m looking forward to hearing from you, no matter how many limbs you have, how irradiated your DNA might be, or whether you supported the Kreelman Act…

Alright, I take that last one back. I draw the line at Kreelers!


As promised, here are some images from the story I discussed on the episode, entitled THE BEAST OF MILTON KEYNES, as it appeared in the 1986 2000AD Annual.

Script Robot: ALAN GRANT


Lettering Robot: GORDON ROBSON

An absolutely fantastic cover by MASSIMO BENARDINELLI. Dredd, Rogue Trooper, the crew from ACE Trucking, and of course, my main man Johnny are masterfully depicted.
Wrap your peepers around these weirdos, as we are introduced to THE DOGHOUSE.
Hunting down one of your own kind is never a pretty affair, but Johnny handles it diplomatically… with a BLASTER.
No respect for property, John? Apparently blowing up a street could only be an improvement in a hovel like 22nd Century Milton Keynes.
Witness Johnny using his APLHA EYES to pick a man’s soul clean. Chilling!
Johnny doing Beast a favor BY KILLING HIM. Naw, not really. A satisfying ending, wouldn’t you say?

And that’s it. I hope you all enjoyed listening and reading along with me on Episode 0 of STRONTIUM POD. Look out for more posts in the near future, and come on back for EPISODE 1, available December 18!

Until then, I’ll catch you in the Doghouse. Stay safe, muties.

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